Hydration: Assessment and Treatment - RD199

Hydration: Assessment and Treatment

by Eleanor Schiavo, MS, RD, CNSC
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Dietetics/Nutrition (12.00 CPEU)

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Water makes up between 50% and 60% of the human body. It makes sense that treatment of patients, especially critically ill patients, begins with the administration of fluid. Determining the hydration status and fluid needs of patients, as part of the nutrition assessment, can be complicated. Assessment of hydration involves understanding the fluid compartments of the body, how and why fluids shift between compartments, the role of electrolytes in fluid balance, and how acid-base balance figures into hydration and electrolyte status. Every dietitian must have an understanding of water and its role in the stability of the patient. A good knowledge of this topic will also improve interdisciplinary communications, as the dietitian will be confident in discussing fluids and electrolytes.


The goal of this hydration course is to teach dietitians how to determine the fluid status of a patient, make treatment recommendations to improve patient outcomes, and participate fully as part of the healthcare team. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the basics of water balance for the body
  • Explain the risks of dehydration in the elderly
  • Identify laboratory values that indicate hydration status and health status
  • Review fluid alterations in various diseases
  • Discuss the appropriate uses for various IV fluids, such as normal saline, hypotonic saline, hypertonic saline, lactated Ringer’s, and colloids
  • Evaluate health status using electrolyte values
  • Assess the hydration status of a patient
  • Determine fluid needs of a patient
  • Differentiate between acid base balance disorders
  • Write fluid recommendations for patients and develop a plan to implement recommendations
  • Evaluate care-planning strategies for fluid deficits

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Joan E - Glen Rock, NJ  ·  Dec 26, 2019
This course information will be used in the assessment of hydration status for my patients
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Linda H - Wyckoff, NJ  ·  Dec 15, 2019
This course was excellent. very detailed oriented
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erica m - san antonio, TX  ·  Oct 10, 2019
loved the material! GREAT course.
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Reema S - GREEN VALLEY, CA  ·  Sep 26, 2019
Has very useful information.
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Lisa H - Parrott, GA  ·  Jun 06, 2019
I will be teaching a group of Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Medics in two weeks. This course has given me some excellent material to include in my presentation on Heat Illness and Injury.
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Price: $149.00
CE-PRO Price: $74.50